The Burning Sea

Session 4

Flaying Purple People Eater

Random Encounter 1 – Wandering Vegepygmy

Not long after heading into the jungle, following the trail into the swath of purple fungus the party was ambushed by a group of 5 Vegepygmies. Despite taking everyone but Elfis unaware, the pygmies failed to disable any of the heroes and within seconds the jungle floor was decorated with 5 more piles of rot. Wasting no time the heroes trekked onward, soon reaching the Silent Fen and the focal point of the fungal infestation. Elfis and Synder moved forward, using the jungles dense carpet to cover their movements. After identifying the location of nearby Vegepygmies, Synder moved back to alert the others and Elfis pushed forward into position for an opening volley.

Encounter 4 – Look Who’s Here In Time For Dinner

Elfis put an arrow into the air, watching it silently wing towards the Vegepygmy standing atop the aft end of the ship. Just as it reached it’s target the Vegepygmy shifted and the arrow whistled harmlessly by, scything between the ships rails and passing into the water without a sound. Wasting no time Elfis quickly nocked and loosed another arrow, just as Krackscorn surged forward, dropping to his knee and launching a bolt from his crossbow. The two blows struck nearly simultaneously, with Elfis’ arrow killing the creature in an instant and toppling it into the water below. As the fungal monstrosity plunged into the water the other nearby pygmies surged into action, responding to a chilling call from on-board the ship. As the Pygmys made haste for the ship, some quickly clambering over the rails and vanishing, Skarrosh roared his fury and burst out ahead of his companions, crashing through the hole in the ships aft.

Meanwhile Viktor was moving up the thick ropes of fungus on the south side of the ship while Synder made a run for the aft and Elfis dropped a second Pygmy before following suit. As Skarrosh moved out of sight his bellow could be heard accompanied by the crashing sound of splintering wood as his axe hammered against a stout oaken door. By the time Krackscorn, Synder, and Elfis reached the ships hold Skarrosh had gone above and been surrounded by the plant monsters. Outnumbered, thoughts blurred with rage, Skarrosh dropped his axe and struck out with fang and claw, rending two of the pygmies to pieces before being brought down under the weight of their numbers.

As the great lizardman fell, slumping to the side of the ladder leading below, Viktor had made his way onto the deck and began making quick work of the pygmys who surrounded him, ducking and weaving amongst them in a dance of silent fury. Elfis lead the charge up the ladder, taking a vicious strike from what remained of the ship’s cook and apparent leader of the Vegepygmy. Quickly clearing space for his companions, Elfis squared off against the large Pygmy, while Krackscorn and Synder helped mop up the remaining pygmy who’d stayed close to the ladder. The 3 exchanged frantic blows with the two pygmys but in the end they triumphed, reducing them to piles of sludge nestled amongst their rudimentary weapons.

With Skarrosh roused and their wounds healed by Austri’s divine flame the friends proceeded across the fungal ropes to investigate the strange shrine on the raised rock. 19 bodies were arranged in a semicircle around a dark cave with each body surrounded by a collection of ritualistically placed items and treasure. As the heroes examined these corpses it dawned on them that these may have been the original crew members of the ship who’d met an unfortunate end at the hands of the Pygmys. Even more horrific however was the more recent corpse of a human male, splayed in front of the cavern with his tongue and eyes carved out, sockets and mouth stuffed full of the purple fungus in some kind of grotesque offering.

Encounter 5 – God Of Fungus And Rotting Souls

Moving toward the cave Elfis was able to see that beyond the hanging curtains of fungus the noxious plant seemed to swell, rising up the wall and obscuring some kind of skeletal remains sealed within. As they set foot in the cave, the fungus tore itself from the wall with a terrible screech that seemed to claw it’s way into the very fibre of their being. Large ropes of fungus peeled away from the ceiling, falling to the floor and writhing into motion as the skeleton turned fungal tower lurched forward. Thinking to end this fight decisively Skarrosh rushed forward, hammering his axe into the creature with a truly devestating blow, severing two tentacles and driving his blade into the rock below. The creature retaliated, lashing the lizard man with it’s tentacles and leaving a withering wound around which the flesh rotted, revealing the bone beneath. With the battle engaged in earnest each of the heroes moved forward; each doing their part until Synder finally struck a decisive bow, lodging her blade in the beasts breast bone and severing whatever magic animated it. As the tower collapsed, withering away in moments, a seed shaped stone rolled free of it’s body and was quickly retrieved by the now exhausted group of adventurers. All around them the fungus began turning to ash, creeping outward from the dead heart of the corruption in an ever expanding circle.

Haggard but alive the party gathered itself, quickly gathered what little valuables were to be found and retreated toward the safety of the hilltop. During their journey back through the jungle, the encroaching fungus had already begun to wither and die. While much of it still clung tenaciously to life it was slowly being consumed following the heroes victory over it’s heart. As the party crested the hill Aycenia met them, jubilant about the cleansing of the taint over her roots.. She thanked them all, lending them what aid she could and proudly presented the litter she’d constructed to transport their treasure back to their ship. She was also able to identify several of the artifcats they had discovered, notably unlocking the secrets of their wayfinders extra-dimensional space. Tired from the days exertion the party retired for the evening, planning to head out with the dawn.

After another quick respite under the watchful canopy the heroes parted ways with the quirky Dryad, making quick time through the jungle towards Captain Yalb and his vessel. Upon arriving the party discovered that Captain Yalb and his crew had ust put the finishing touches on the vessel. The reunited friends celebrated their return, making plans to launch and hopefully complete the journey East without any additional interruption.

Players In Attendance

Nathan Getchell
Katy Oakley
Kerri Lescaudron
David Miller


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